Amira Wynn

young professor of ancient history and ancient shadow priestess


Dirge: Nomad
Mask: Scholar
Touchstone: Her Students
Humanity: 4



With the blush of life most will assume that she is a 20 something African American of mixed descent, they may spend time figuring out what. Ancient Egyptian blood is no longer common.


She is now beyond ancient, her kind is not even thought to exist, and she doesn’t advertise it. She acts a bit holier than thou, due to her long past religious station. She has a commanding if disturbing presence. She believes that her god elevated her and continues to show her favor throughout the lifetimes.

She will not hunt her students, in fact they are off limits. That doesn’t prevent her from hunting students not in her class.


Detroit has gone to hell, the darkness surrounds man. It is the same as it was in ancient times, our food must be preserved.

  • Become high priestess of a new cult of set
  • create more Khaibit to fight in the shadow war
  • Push back the darkness that consumes Detroit
  • reintegrate with society


Amira, once Mesta in ancient Egypt. In Egypt she was a High Priestess of Set. Those who desire her presence believe her an elder who has 2nd hand knowledge of pagan rituals.

Over the years she has served many. She did this for survival but also to learn. Her pagan ways were not tolerated when the Church dominated everything. So instead of beating them, she joined them, to learn their magic.

As the more secular age of science became popular she assisted the Dragons with acquisition of the enemy, for further study, and was able to learn some coils in return.

When WWII began, her blood was thickening, going to ground in her location would have been dangerous, and foolish. She performed an ancient ritual of divination, and the blood led her to the great American city of Detroit. There she announced herself to few, and gained the support of a young Nosferatu who allowed her to rest in the necropolis. This city is a modern marvel she thought, and will be a wonderful place to wake to.

Upon awakening she will announce herself to both the prince, underprince, and current leader of the local circle. With the help of the current establishment she will take a job as a professor, (teaching night classes) of ancient history at WSU. She will also require the aid of someone in learning how to use the internet and teaching online.

After awakening she discovers the city in ruins and that her ancient enemy, Apep, has returned, and is present in Detroit. She is not currently strong enough to take it on directly, she needs followers, and warriors. Eventually her Dirge will change from Nomad to Cult Leader.


The darkest of gods have returned and they armies are legion. Yet you squabble over feeding grounds, there will be no food if you do nothing.


Amira Wynn

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