Jezebel Kegg

engineering student that cleaned up her act as a heroine addict



In middle school and highschool she was a gymnast, well adjusted young girl. Everything was fine, until her friend, Saundra Braunston is killed tragically.
After the death of her friend she began drinking, and eventually heroin, when she wasn’t stoned out of her mind she became violent, the slightest thing would set her off.

She wears large hoop earrings, bracelet’s and necklaces when she goes out. They aren’t gold but she still rocks the bling.

Prior to making a deal, she was a normal girl, she saw something during The Beast and the Harlot (probably Alan change).

Jezebel was a highschool dropout heroin addict until she made a deal with the devil, now “her life” is better, but it’s not her life anymore is it. An analyst took her, figured it could make her have a full recovery. Figures if her recovery helps her family and maybe some of her friends, then she’s helped restore things just a little bit from the work she did for the machine. Always watching never acting.


Jezebel Kegg

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