Janice O'Leary

cold machinesque woman, in charge of special projects


Apparent Age: 40
Occupation: Administrator of the new Deva Building
After hours: n/a
Virtue: n/a
Vice: n/a


Middle aged woman with her hair pulled back in a tight bun.


She should be played as cold, unfeeling, unempathetic, and in many ways clueless to people.


  • Maintain status quo via efficiancy
  • Friends
  • Lover


Janice has autism, she doesn’t understand people but she’s smart. Her first and foremost priority is to maintain her position as middle management for the corporation. She’s worked hard to get this far.

She doesn’t have friends, a relationship or really anything that resembles a life. She will act favorably if she feels she can get that.

Janice O'Leary

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