Construction Problems

Breaking Ground

Your character is recently fallen, and they’ve already screwed up. DAGGER, stepped in and and got you a new cover in Detroit. Of course this comes with a price, Your services have been retained for the time being (note: players may negotiate the price with the GM). Upon receipt of your new cover, you were given a way that you would be contacted when they had an assignment for you. Today you received your first communique. Arrive 7pm Coney Island on Cass St, sit in the 5th booth, listen for “Chicago Style Hot Dog, Catsup, Anchovies”. Do not approach subject. Subject will provide mission details.

Political Influence

The Characters arrive at the Coney Island downtown, the one on Cass Street, in the shadow of the Leland Hotel.

At 7:30 Issan Al-Sakkaki walks In and sits at the booth farthest form the door with his back to the room, the one right behind the players. When the waitress, Danielle Jared, approaches him he says. I’ll have a “Chicago Style hot dog, with catsup and anchovies”. “I’m sorry sir we don’t have anchovies”. “Alright, without then”. The code phrases have been exchanged. “Traffic over on Woodward is painful during rush hour due to that new skyscraper they’re putting in don’t you think?” “Yeah, I have trouble getting here sometimes”.

He opens his brief case and pulls out his laptop and some paper work. When he is done eating his hot dog with a fork and knife he leaves, leaving some of the paperwork behind.

Paperwork Retrieval
When he leaves the waitress collects the paperwork.

  • Players may attempt to simply get up and take the paperwork, in which case they will be confronted by a different waitress.
  • Players may roll Dex+Larceny or Wits+Stealth to retrieve the paperwork without being noticed doing so.
  • Players may attempt to retrieve the paperwork after it’s collection through social means.


  • The paperwork shows plans and details for the building, which is being built by either Deva Corporation or Cheiron Group.
  • ? would let you know that the group who owns the building funds supernatural hunter groups.
  • crafts+int would show several large area’s that do not make sense for an office building
  • science/crafts+int -2 shows that the buildings power draw 10x more power than is normal for a building of its size.

Concrete Jungle

Coney Island

Dead and Buried

Out For Blood

Belly of the Beast


Construction Problems

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