St Agnes

Martyrs of Uganda Catholic Parish

You approach the century old church of red brick. it used to have a congregation 1500, and now lies abandoned. Next to it is an old schoolhouse, built around the same time.

As you enter the front of the church you observe the once great pillars that have chunks falling out, showing the red brick beneath a marble finish. The walls are covered in graffiti, debris and trash cover the floor. The pews are busted but some seem serviceable, there is a pile of them to the left. There is a confession room to the right, and a hallway to the left of where the pulpit would be. Candlebras have been set out to light the room.

As you progress inwards through the rubble, you realize that the pews to the left were recently moved there to clear a space near where the pulpit was. Someone has been here recently and will likely be back soon.

The organ area sit’s above and behind on a balcony, it’s walls are opaque.

The hallway to the left leads to some rooms and eventually to another hidden hallway to the basement of school next door. Pipe’s run down the top right side of the hallway. Beneath the pipe’s is about 1/3 of the way down is a loose brick, it can be removed if you reach your fingers into the gap there is a latch, pushing it allows you to enter into the the Necropolis.

Wits+Perception -3 to randomly observe the passage
Wits+Investigation -2 if searching for it
Wits+Crafts -1 if character suggests inspecting the structure.

Friday nights the Lancea et Sanctum holds a black mass here.

St Agnes

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