Detroit is a city of the second children, the monsters, man and machine no longer hold sway. This story begins where the waters of life ends.

Starting Plots

Vampires, and Demon’s do not have to be in the same Faction. Hunter’s should be. Beast is not yet authorized.


You’re a contractor, a mercenary hired by those that can afford it. Maybe you’re a direct employee, or just on retainer, difference hardly matter. Monster’s exist, your job, bring them in for your employer, what they do with them? not your business, checks in the bank. You might be the firepower, the lock breaker, silver tongue to get to the target, or maybe you’re the one who knows what those strange symbols mean. Bag ’em and tag ’em.

(note: Deva Corp employee’s will get the same “power’s” (Angelic Tattoo’s) as the Knights of St Adrian, but will have a “private security” instead of Bounty Hunter, background ).

  • Demon

You fell not that long ago, your first cover was completely burned. The Agency gave you a new one. Gave may not be the right term, everything has a price. You’ve been set up with a new life in Detroit, it’s a good place for new Demon’s to learn the ropes. In a few years they can move you to someplace nicer that’s probably riskier.

Detroit is hell on earth, demon’s pushed The Machine out decades ago. Something has changed, the air is getting fresher, the decay is slowing. In some ways that’s nice. Agents of the machine have begun moving to town. Construction projects are under way. You’re certain that less obvious projects have also begun.

Smut film

The devil has taken hold of Detroit, his agents are legion. The pope himself has edict-ed an inquisition as to what’s wrong with Detroit. Parishioners have been disappearing en masse, and the temples lie abandoned and desecrated. Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and a horrible tempest, this shall be the portion of their cup.

They say this place is haunted, yeah right, but it’s creepy and cool though. You bring your friends, it’s all a dare. You’ve got your camera, blair witch style. That night your life became a horror movie. The video’s blurry, you posted it on youtube, obviously it’s a fake they say. Local guy contacts you, says you did good work and you gotta keep trying. You meet up, and he introduces you to some other cool guys. He show’s you an archive of some shit you just don’t believe. We have to stop these things, best way to do it, wake up the sheeple.

The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away. The lord giveth this city to us! for it’s people are damned! The children go out into the city where it’s not safe! and who will be there? we will! we will hold them to our bosom in the we hours as they stumble home. Is it not we who are chosen to make the streets safer at night? to drive his children to chastity, and sobriety? is this city not his lesson to the world? Seek out the dens of inequity, the lost, and the inebriated. Go forth brothers and sisters into the night, and take comfort, you do the lords work.

  • Circle of the Crone

Gang Wars

  • The Union (Gang, Militia, Sincere, etc), Rock City Compact, Werewolf Pack (possibly Cadillac Company)

The streets of Detroit are mean, jobs are slim. Maybe you got a real job, maybe you don’t. maybe you sell drugs, things other people needed less than you, or even yourself; or maybe you just want those people gone. Either way you’re just trying to take care of your own. Deal gone sour, don’t know who shot first, but when that thing got shot? it didn’t go down. As if things weren’t bad enough. You got your friends, and you killed that thing, it can’t be the only one though.

(the whole group should decided whether they’re generally lawful or generally unlawful)

Turning Point

You were a Cop, A Marine, TSA, FBI, CIA, etc, your job was to protect your country. Your last mission went wrong. That thing, it wasn’t, it wasn’t human. Somehow you made it out alive, others weren’t that lucky. You were called into a room by your superior who then left. Two people in suits, or military uniforms sat opposite you, there are papers in front of them, you have two choices, retire, or do your job and continue protecting the people of your country.

The chopper’s getting ready for lift off, your first mission, you’re relieving Alpha Team in Detroit… briefing at 0800.

  • Carthian

You’re on top, and have been for a long time. Detroit by the people, for the people. The winds of change are upon you and the new prince. Twilight is upon the city and not everyone will survive the day.

  • Invictus

Long have you hidden in the shadows of the city. The Carthians took power with the unions and look where it’s gotten them. Business is in ruins, the population dwindles. Madness reigns. You still have hooks into things, seems like most of the still functioning pieces belong to you.


  • Utopia Now, The Long Night

Detroit is a crumbling city, houses are caving in, concrete structures are crumbling. Before the city can heal these places need to be cleaned up, unfortunately they are not all that uninhabited, you’re job is to go and clean the site prior to its demolition.

World of Darkness - Detroit